Sion Fullana: Visual Storytelling \u0026 Photography Services

Sion Fullana: Visual Storytelling & Photography Services

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Profile and About Sion Fullana: Visual Storytelling & Photography Services


After working several communication fields, I landed into photography as the perfect way of visual storytelling. From my background in journalism, I put into my work the will to capture the truest and most honest essence of a subject, an event, a person, a moment on the street, and tell their story the best possible way. From my filmmaking studies I incorporate a cinematic aesthetic/mood to my photographs that seeks to bring all the elements in the frame to create evocative images that convey strong stories in the audience's mind.

Growing up, psychology was always a second vocation, and even though it was a path I did not follow, I brought from it a very heightened curiosity towards studying the human spirit, and a natural sense of empathy that proves very useful to connect with my subjects and the work I'm doing. It also helps me "feel" the scene or situation in front of me, to know the best moment when to take the shot, either with someone I'm taking a portrait of, a candid situation in the city, some actors engaged in a scene, or a speaker on a stage.

I offer tailor-made services for whatever photography needs you or your brand/company may have: portfolio images or headshots, individiual, corporate, family and group portraits, weddings and birthdays, events, corporate conferences and parties, entertainment (behind the scenes, still shots, tech rehearsals, concert photography, music band album cover/publicity proposals), photojournalism, fashion, documentary and creative visual storytelling. For any work inquiries, please get in touch via email or phone call. You can find my info in the Contact section. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you


I'm a professional Visual Storyteller from Spain, currently in New York for over 8 years. My background includes photography (favorite genres Street Photography, Portraiture and Entertainment) and journalism, with formation in filmmaking (both fiction and documentary).

I am considered one of the pioneers of the Mobile Photography revolution since 2008. One of my cellphone images is on the permanent collection of the High Museum of Art (Atlanta). My photographic work has been additionally showcased in international exhibits, magazines, newspapers, blogs, TV segments and several book covers. My curatorial skills have been sought to be a judge in various international photography competitions. And I've participated as a public speaker on stage events about Visual Storytelling, Photography (street, mobile, social visual media) and Copyright.

I'm happy to have been able to lend my skills to a very diverse group of clients, from entertainment celebrities in theater (24 Hour Broadway Plays) and music (Best Song Oscar winner, singer and actress Marketa Irglova), corporate entrepreneurial businesses (Blue Coat, Gamification Co, Castlight), fashion (BAR III for Macy's, Tory Burch, Clash by Dash) and a diverse array of brands like Beefeater, HP and Panasonic.

I'm the co-founder and instructor (alongside my husband, Anton Kawasaki) of the Mobile Photo Workshop: "The Storytelling Series", a group of successful online workshops on Street Photography, Portraiture and the concept of "Documenting Your World" (through journalistic and documentary techniques), focused on the concept of #Storytelling, and perfecting the use of mobile devices to tell good stories.

Sion Fullana

Photo by Jonathan Weiskopf
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Sion Fullana
Brooklyn NY United States
Mobile: 1-646-379-0056
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Photography Services

24HP 2013 Depends 25 copy

24 plays collage 1 copy

24HP 2013 TheAccountants 10 copy

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Corporate & Event photography

Photography Services

General Colin Powell at Blue Coat

General Colin Powell gives a keynote speech at Blue Coat Exec conference in NYC, 2013.

Green Room General Colin Powell

General Colin Powell at Morgan Library's green room in New York City, meeting with top Blue Coat Execs before conference. 2013

Blue Coat Reception

Executives at Blue Coat Exec conference after party in New York City, 2013
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Fashion & Editorial

Photography Services

IMG 1045.JPG

IMG 1175.JPG


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Artistic Work

The Kiss

Couple kisses amidst the celebrations after the historic win of Barack Obama in the November 2008 election night in Times Square, New York.

Obama's Victory Night - Muslim Woman

Muslim woman celebrates the victory of Barack Obama in the night of the November 2008 US election. Times Square, New York City.

The Tears for Obama

Tears of pride in the face of an African-American New Yorker while watching Barack Obama being sworn in as president of the United States. Times Square, January 2009
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Windows Of Pride

Work in Progress

Gay Pride Windows 01

2014 © Sion Fullana All Rights Reserved

Gay Pride Windows 03

2014 © Sion Fullana All Rights Reserved

Gay Pride Windows 04

2014 © Sion Fullana All Rights Reserved
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Street Photography

Artistic Work

8122382292 9bbddbc3c6 o

Stopping for Obstacles is for Losers

8804683472 26504a125b o

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Portraiture & Headshots

Photography Services

Portrait Sharon Collage 1a

Sharon collage portrait 2a

Dapper Vlad smoking

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The Sunset That Never Was

Work in Progress

Manhattanhenge 32

Manhattanhenge 50

Manhattanhenge 65

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